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Stuffed Pizza

A thin layer of our house‐made dough is put into a two-inch deep dish pan.
Next we fill the pie with the highest quality cheeses and your choice of ingredients. Then a paper thin layer of dough is gently placed over the cheese and ingredients to seal and lock in all the flavors. The pie is covered with our secret tomato sauce and baked until the crust becomes flaky and golden brown. (Please allow 40‐45 minutes)

Pan Pizza

To create our Pan Pizza we use a seasoned deep dish pan and cover it with a slightly thicker, richer dough recipe.
Next we add your choice of ingredients and cover them with a generous amount of Wisconsin mozzarella. Our zesty tomato sauce lightly covers the cheese along with a gentle sprinkle of Pecorino Romano. Finally, we bake the pizza until the crust reaches its signature golden perfection. (Please allow 40‐45 minutes)

Thin Pizza

Our thin pizza has a crispy texture with a layer of our signature sauce.
The ingredients are placed on top of the sauce and covered with the highest quality cheese. (Please allow 30 minutes)